Varied content regarding electrical engineering and science.

What is this?

This is a page where I write about varied topics. I expect to write in different styles depending on the subject. Practical topics such as manufacturing processes may be written as tutorials. More theoretical subjects like telescopes, circuitry or mathematics will probably be written as overviews o varying length depending on topic.

I dont have a clear objective with this site. Hopefully I find time to cover all the matters I want to write about. Also hopefully the content here will be helpful for students and professionals however few it may reach. If you are one such student, professional or interested person and want to chat about a topic that interests you or you believe could interest me I will leave some contact information at the footer of the page.

The articles on this site will only be as comprehensive as my experience and time allow. The idea of this site is to give little primers about certain topics and point readers in the right direction so that they can learn what I call the magic words they can type to google. I also intend to provide references to relevant books and papers (so if I dont do it enough feel free to contact me and ask).

Who am I?

People call me Sanfris. Im an electrical engineer and proud geek. I specialize in robotics and automation. I love to learn and build varied projects. I also love to learn about thigns from the ground up and leaving as few unexplored links as possible.

Beside robotics and automation I like all things electrical, from radiofrequency circuits to digital design. I will probably be covering basic antenna experiments, microcontroller programming and HDL eventually. I also like games and gaming systems (especially old ones which one can try fully understand) such as the NES (for which I have already done some programming) and the SNES (for which I would like to eventually do some programming). I also expect to write about image processing, pattern recognition, control systems, optics, machine learning, vintage computers, PCB manufacturing, mechanical elements manufacturing, prototyping, programming and much more.